Aloor, Udupi, India
14 days, 13 nights
Personal Care

Prakriti Path

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About the experience

What will I experience?

At Prakriti Path, you will experience a transformative retreat nestled in a serene, forest-like environment near the Western Ghats. You will engage in personalized Ayurvedic treatments crafted from over 150 medicinal plants grown organically on-site. Your daily routine will include yoga, meditation, and pranayama sessions, complemented by unique therapies such as Panchakarma (an Ayurvedic fasting & detoxification therapy). The retreat also features an indigenous breed goshala, emphasizing holistic wellness from diet to spiritual health. Designed for small groups, Prakriti Path ensures a highly personal and immersive journey into wellbeing, blending ancient wisdom with natural living.

Benefits of this experience

Participating in the Prakriti Path experience will enhance vitality by teaching personalized self-care practices tailored to your unique constitution. Through understanding your Prakriti, or innate nature, you'll learn targeted lifestyle adjustments, dietary choices, and self-care rituals that optimize energy levels and vitality. This knowledge empowers you to align with your body's natural rhythms, fostering resilience, vigor, and sustained vitality in daily life.

Incorporation in daily life

Start by integrating one healthy meal choice daily, emphasizing whole foods and mindful eating.

About the Destination

Chitrakoota Ayurveda, nestled beside the Western Ghats, offers you a serene escape into the heart of traditional wellness. At this destination, your participation in the Prakriti Path retreat immerses you in authentic detoxification and rejuvenation practices integral to Ayurvedic healing. You'll experience firsthand the transformative power of Panchakarma treatments, learn about the medicinal properties of locally grown herbs, and engage in cleansing routines that have been refined over centuries. This retreat not only detoxifies your body but also teaches you sustainable ways to incorporate these ancient practices into your daily life, enhancing your overall wellbeing.

About the Specialist

Dr. Rajesh Bayari, the visionary behind the Prakrit Path experience, stands out as a dedicated practitioner who has harnessed the power of Ayurveda to enhance holistic wellbeing. With a deep-rooted passion for serving humanity, Dr. Bayari has focused on integrating traditional Ayurvedic practices with natural healing environments, creating a sanctuary that nurtures both the body and mind. His expertise lies in developing personalized treatment plans that incorporate medicinal plants grown within the retreat’s organic gardens, ensuring that every aspect of the wellness journey is grounded in purity and sustainability. Dr. Bayari's commitment to Ayurveda as a lifestyle and his success in creating a haven of peace make him a trusted and respected figure in the field of natural health.


Place of experience

Aloor, a quaint village near Udupi, serves as an idyllic setting for the Prakriti Path retreat. Nestled amidst lush greenery and bordered by the picturesque Western Ghats, its environment promotes tranquility and healing. The clean, fresh air and quiet atmosphere of Aloor enhance the retreat's wellness activities, making it a perfect backdrop for guests seeking to rejuvenate and connect with nature, away from the bustle of urban life.

Most suitable time to visit

The most suitable time to experience the Prakriti Path retreat at Chitrakoota Ayurveda is during the cooler, drier months from November to February, when the weather is pleasant and conducive to outdoor and wellness activities.

Ancient & modern provenance

Ancient texts and treatises:

Ancient text name: Charaka Samhita (100 BCE – 200 CE)

  • Context: A foundational text of Ayurveda.
  • Mention of Personal Care: Charaka Samhita discusses "Swasthavritta" (personal health care), advocating balanced living for vitality and overall wellbeing. It prescribes daily routines (Dinacharya) and seasonal regimens (Ritucharya) to enhance physical and mental health.

Ancient text name: Sushruta Samhita (600 BCE – 400 CE)

  • Context: An ancient Indian text on surgery and medicine.
  • Mention of Personal Care: Sushruta Samhita emphasizes personal care through hygiene, diet, and lifestyle adjustments to promote vitality and holistic wellness. It stresses physical fitness, balanced nutrition, and stress management for health maintenance.

Ancient text name: Ashtanga Hridaya (6th century CE)

  • Context: A comprehensive Ayurvedic text compiled by Vagbhata.
  • Mention of Personal Care: Ashtanga Hridaya underscores aligning personal care with natural rhythms for vitality and wellbeing. It promotes daily self-care practices, including nutrition, exercise, and mental hygiene, for overall health and longevity.

Modern Scientific Researches:

Title: Role of Panchakarma in public health scenario: A Review

  • Main Author: Vikram Bhushan
  • Date of Publishing: 2020
  • Abstract: This review article discusses the role of Panchakarma as a bio-cleansing regimen that includes five procedures aimed at maintaining homeostasis of body humors, eliminating disease-causing complexes, and preventing disease recurrence. The article emphasizes the potential of Panchakarma in enhancing public health by detoxifying bodily toxins, which are increasing due to pollution and modern lifestyle factors, thus maintaining vitality and wellbeing.
  • Link to the Paper

Title: Longevity Through Panchakarma in Healthy Life

  • Main Author: G. Mangal
  • Date of Publishing: 2022
  • Abstract: This article reviews the application of Panchakarma in promoting longevity by preventing lifestyle disorders that are prevalent due to modern competitive and industrialized environments. It presents Panchakarma not only as a curative but also a preventive therapy that enhances vitality by detoxifying the body and maintaining health through daily and seasonal regimens.
  • Link to the Paper

Full plan of experience

The following schedule provides a general outline of the duration and activities aimed at facilitating the integration of the retreat's teachings into your daily life.

At the place
Aloor, Udupi, India
14 days, 13 nights
$750 / person

Experience Schedule

Day 1: Arrival and Orientation

  • Arrival and check-in
  • Welcome session and introduction to the retreat facilities
  • Initial consultation with Ayurvedic doctors to personalize treatment plans
  • Light evening meal and early bedtime to adjust to the retreat schedule

Day 2: Beginning Detox

  • Morning yoga and meditation session
  • Introduction to the Panchakarma process and its benefits
  • First detox treatment based on personal consultation (e.g. oil massage)
  • Ayurvedic meals designed for detoxification

Day 3-5: Deepening the Cleansing Process

  • Daily yoga and meditation sessions
  • Panchakarma treatments such as Snehana (internal and external oleation) and Swedana (herbal steam bath)
  • Educational talks on Ayurveda and wellbeing
  • Personal time for reflection and nature walks

Day 6-8: Intensive Treatments

  • Continued daily yoga and meditation
  • Virechana (purgative therapy) administered as needed
  • Diet adjustments to support cleansing and detoxification
  • Free time for rest and participation in optional retreat activities

Day 9-11: Rejuvenation

  • Daily yoga and pranayama sessions
  • Nasya (nasal administration of oils) and other rejuvenating treatments
  • Introduction to Ayurvedic cooking and nutrition
  • Sessions on stress management and emotional wellbeing

Day 12-13: Consolidation

  • Continued yoga and meditation practices
  • Final treatments and therapies, including advice on post-retreat care
  • Preparing for transition back to daily life with sustainable lifestyle practices
  • Closing session with feedback and future health planning

Day 14: Departure

  • Morning yoga and farewell session
  • Final consultation with Ayurvedic doctors
  • Check-out and departure

Dr. Rajesh Bayari

A seasoned Ayurvedic practitioner with a profound connection to ancient Indian wellness traditions

14 days, 13 nights
$750 / person
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