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8 days, 7 nights
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Rasoi Vedika

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About the experience

What will I experience?

Rasoi Vedika is an immersive retreat that guides you through an authentic Indic culinary journey. As a participant of Rasoi Vedika, you will master traditional cooking techniques, delve into the principles of Ayurvedic food, and embrace the spiritual essence of meal preparation. This retreat involves connecting with local farmers, navigating vibrant spice and vegetable markets, and leading in hands-on cooking workshops. You'll craft and savor dishes that perfectly balance taste with health, all while being enveloped by Kerala’s serene landscapes. Rasoi Vedika encompasses more than culinary explorations; it includes cultural tours, nature excursions, and wellness activities, offering a holistic immersion into Indian hospitality and comprehensive wellbeing.

Benefits of this experience

Participating in Rasoi Vedika cultivates mindfulness through engaging all your senses in the cooking process. By exploring traditional Indic cooking techniques and Ayurvedic food principles, you attune to the colors, textures, and aromas of fresh, local ingredients, fostering a deep sensory connection. The practice of tempering spices, listening for the subtle changes in sound as they release their flavors, and observing the transformation of ingredients enhances your awareness and presence. This sensory journey, combined with the serene backdrop of Kerala’s landscapes, nurtures a mindful approach to meal preparation, turning cooking into a meditative experience that harmonizes your senses with the present moment.

Incorporation in daily life

Learnings from Rasoi Vedika can be incorporated into daily life by dedicating one day each week to prepare a meal using the techniques and recipes you learned at the retreat. Focus should be given to the mindfulness and intention behind your cooking, transforming it into a meditative practice.

About the Destination

Kadalikad village, nestled amidst the serene landscapes of Kerala, offers a tranquil retreat for those seeking to rejuvenate and reconnect with nature. Surrounded by lush greenery and vibrant spice gardens, this village is a haven for mindfulness and holistic living. The natural setting promotes relaxation and offers numerous opportunities for meditation, yoga, and walks through picturesque surroundings. It's a place where the simplicity of rural life gently nudges you towards a healthier, more balanced lifestyle, integrating the essence of nature's calm into your daily rhythm.

About the Specialist

Jacob Mathew, the passionate host of Rasoi Vedika, brings over three decades of expertise in traditional South Indian cooking to his retreat. With a dedication to sharing the culture and cuisine of the erstwhile Kingdom of Pepper, he has welcomed over 3,000 guests since 1994, earning acclaim for his hands-on culinary experiences. Specializing in Ayurvedic cooking principles, Jacob empowers guests to integrate the healthful and flavorsome aspects of Indian cuisine into their own lifestyles. His commitment to using fresh, local ingredients and his ongoing quest for learning make him a distinguished specialist in the realm of culinary wellbeing.


Place of experience

Pimenta, the institute that offers Rasoi Vedika experience is nestled in the heart of Kerala, a land renowned for its lush landscapes and rich Ayurvedic traditions. Here, you're enveloped in an environment that prioritizes holistic health, seamlessly blending the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda with the joy of culinary arts. The retreat is dedicated to nurturing your wellbeing by connecting you to the roots of Indic culture, offering a unique blend of hands-on cooking experiences, mindfulness practices, and direct engagement with nature. Its standout feature is the integration of traditional knowledge and modern wellness practices, ensuring a transformative experience that resonates deeply with both your body and spirit.

Most suitable time to visit

The best time to travel for this retreat in Kerala would likely be during the cooler and drier months, from November to February.

Ancient & modern provenance

Ancient texts and treatises:

Ancient text name: Manasollasa (c. 1129 CE)

  • Context: An encyclopedic work by the South Indian king Somesvara III, detailing various aspects of life, including cuisine
  • Mention of culinary art: Provides extensive recipes and food pairings, emphasizing the sensory and aesthetic pleasure of food. It suggests that the act of cooking and eating, when done with awareness and joy, can enhance mental and physical wellbeing, reflecting an early recognition of the connection between culinary arts, mindfulness, and health

Ancient text name: Sushruta Samhita (c. 600 BCE)

  • Context: Another principal text of Ayurveda, focusing on surgery and medicinal treatments
  • Mention of culinary art: Contains detailed accounts of how food should be prepared and consumed for optimal health and healing. It advocates for the mindful selection of ingredients based on their medicinal properties, suggesting that culinary practices can significantly impact physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing

Ancient text name: Bhagavad Gita (c. 2nd century BCE - 2nd century CE)

  • Context: A 700-verse Hindu scripture that is part of the Indian epic Mahabharata, focusing on the moral and philosophical dilemmas faced by the prince Arjuna
  • Mention of culinary art: While not a culinary text, it discusses the concept of sattvic (pure), rajasic (passionate), and tamasic (ignorant) foods and their effects on the body and mind. It advocates for a diet that promotes clarity, health, and wellbeing, suggesting a mindful approach to eating

Modern Scientific Researches:

Title: The Mindfulness aspects in the teaching of culinary art in Vocational High School

  • Main author: N. Adkha
  • Date of publishing: 2021
  • Abstract: This study explores the mindfulness aspects in culinary art teaching, highlighting its impact on creativity, communication, collaboration, and critical thinking, essential competencies in the 21st century. Through questionnaires administered to 30 vocational high school teachers, findings indicate significant presence of mindfulness aspects like novelty, variety, joyfulness, meaningfulness, and alertness in culinary teaching.
  • Link to the paper

Full plan for the experience

The retreat will be customized to align with your preferences, interests, and needs.

The following schedule provides a general outline of the duration and activities aimed at facilitating the integration of the retreat's teachings into your daily life independently.

At the place
Kadalikad, India
8 days, 7 nights
$1480-$1600 / person

Experience Schedule

Day 1: Welcome & Introduction

  • Arrival, Check-In, and light lunch
  • Kerala Cuisine Overview: Learn about Kerala’s culinary heritage
  • Cooking Exploration: Choice of a demonstration or hands-on experience
  • Dinner: Enjoy an authentic Kerala meal

Day 2: Market Tour and River Cruise

  • Breakfast, followed by a local market tour and visit to a terracotta artisan pottery unit
  • River Cruise on Muvattupuzha River
  • Lunch at a local restaurant
  • Ayurvedic Cooking Session: Learn the basics of Ayurvedic cuisine
  • Dinner: Savor the Ayurvedic dishes you prepared

Day 3: Backwater Excursion and Beach visit

  • Backwater trip after breakfast
  • Lunch: Ayurvedic meals showcasing backwater culinary specialties
  • Explore the beaches of Kerala in summer /Ayurvedic massage in monsoon
  • Casual dinner

Day 4: Tea Plantation and Spices

  • Energizing breakfast
  • Visit to a tea plantation to explore spices
  • Lunch: At a restaurant serving Kerala Thali
  • After a small rest you can engage in another session of cooking with Ayurvedic touch
  • Dinner: What you cooked in the afternoon

Day 5: Culinary Arts and Relaxation

  • Breakfast
  • Ayurvedic Cooking Session: Integrating all three doshas in recipes
  • Lorry-Decorating Workshop
  • Optional Ayurvedic massage/ Enjoy the free time exploring the town
  • Dinner: Fusion of traditional and Ayurvedic Flavors

Day 6: Chocolate Factory and Recipe Refinement

  • Breakfast followed by a visit to a chocolate factory
  • Lunch
  • Ayurvedic Recipe Refinement: Enhance your Ayurvedic cooking skills
  • Dinner – Enjoy your culinary creations

Day 7: Farmers’ Market and Ayurvedic Cooking

  • Start with breakfast
  • Farmers’ Market Visit
  • Lunch: Local Kerala cuisine
  • Ayurvedic Cooking Session: Focus on Pitta-balancing recipes
  • Farewell Dinner: Enjoy your culinary creations. Celebrate your journey with a special sadya created by the participant/s with the help from you

Day 8: Departure and Fond Farewells

  • Fond Farewell: Conclude your adventure with a hearty breakfast
  • Check-out and Departure: Bid adieu to Kerala’s Flavors and friends

Each day includes breaks for tea and informal discussions, allowing participants to delve deeper into the culinary practices and philosophies. The retreat emphasizes hands-on learning, cultural immersion, and the therapeutic aspects of cooking and eating well.


Jacob Matthews

A celebrated chef and wellness guru with over two decades of experience in Indic culinary art

8 days, 7 nights
$1480-$1600 / person
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