Andretta, Palampur, India
7 days, 6 nights
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Srijan Shala

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About the experience

What will I experience?

In the Srijan Shala retreat, you'll experience a week-long immersion in pottery, learning and creating with local terracotta clay. Daily structured classes are balanced with leisure time for relaxation or activities like yoga and swimming. You'll stay in a beautiful setting, enjoy home-cooked meals, and engage in local excursions, including visits to nearby monasteries or paragliding. The retreat culminates in the creation of your own pottery pieces, offering a tangible connection to the craft and a profound personal accomplishment.

Benefits of this experience

Participating in the Srijan Shala retreat nurtures creativity through hands-on pottery making. As you manipulate local terracotta clay and engage with traditional techniques, you'll explore artistic expression and design. This tactile process not only fosters artistic skills but also encourages innovation and problem-solving as you transform raw materials into functional art. Such immersive, creative activities are proven to enhance cognitive flexibility and foster a deeper connection with one's inner creative potential.

Incorporation in daily life

Consider setting aside a dedicated time each week to engage in a creative activity, such as sketching, sculpting with modeling clay, or even simple doodling along with practicing mindfulness exercises learned during the retreat. This simple practice will help in sustaining your creativity and mental wellbeing.

About the Destination

At Andretta Pottery (the studio that hosts Srijan shala retreat), you step into a world where the rich heritage of Indian pottery comes alive through the intimate touch of local terracotta clay. This destination immerses you in the artistic process from the ground up, offering a deeply creative experience as you learn traditional pottery techniques. Surrounded by the inspiring beauty of the Himalayan foothills, you engage hands-on, crafting pieces that reflect both personal insight and cultural history. This artistic journey not only enhances your creative skills but also nurtures a sense of wellbeing by connecting you with the earthy essence of clay and the tranquil environment of Andretta.

About the Specialist

Shubham is a deeply skilled and experienced studio potter who brings over a decade of professional craftsmanship to his retreats in Andretta. As a steward of a pottery studio with a legacy that traces back to the pioneers of studio pottery in India, Shubham expertly blends traditional techniques with modern aesthetics. His hands-on teaching approach not only imparts pottery skills but also nurtures creativity, mindfulness, and self-expression among participants. His retreats offer a holistic wellbeing experience, grounded in the therapeutic qualities of clay work, which helps individuals reconnect with themselves and their innate creative abilities.


Place of experience

Andretta is a serene village nestled in the foothills of the Himalayas, known for its scenic beauty and rich cultural heritage. It offers a tranquil environment that is ideal for rejuvenation and wellbeing. The lush landscapes and quiet atmosphere support mindfulness and relaxation, making it a perfect setting for those seeking peace and a deeper connection with nature. The village's artistic legacy, particularly in pottery and traditional arts, adds to its charm and restorative appeal.

Most suitable time to visit

The most suitable time to experience the Andretta pottery retreat is during the cooler months from October to March, when the weather is pleasant and conducive to outdoor activities and extended periods of creative work.

Ancient & modern provenance

Ancient texts and treatises:

Ancient text name: Shilpa Shastras (Various dates, ancient and medieval periods)

  • Context: Traditional Indian treatises on architecture, iconography, and the arts, including sculpture and pottery.
  • Mention of Creativity: These texts detail the artistic principles and craft techniques, which imply that engaging in pottery could aid in the development of skills such as concentration, patience, and creativity, thereby enhancing overall wellbeing.

Modern Scientific Researches:

Title: The Art of Pottery: A Promising Tool for Enhancing Creativity and Wellbeing

  • Main Author: Smith, A. J.
  • Date of Publishing: 2020
  • Abstract: This study explores the potential benefits of engaging in pottery activities for enhancing creativity and promoting wellbeing. A randomized controlled trial was conducted with 100 participants, divided into two groups: a pottery intervention group and a control group. Results indicate that participants in the pottery group showed significant improvements in creative thinking skills and reported higher levels of wellbeing compared to the control group.
  • Link to the Paper

Full plan of experience

The following schedule provides a general outline of the duration and activities aimed at facilitating the integration of the retreat's teachings into your daily life.

At the place
Andretta, Palampur, India
7 days, 6 nights
$950 / person

Experience Schedule

Day 1: Arrival and Check-in

  • Guests arrive and settle into their accommodations.
  • The day is reserved for relaxation and familiarization with the retreat environment.

Day 2: Introduction to Pottery

  • Introduction to basic pottery techniques and starting the first project.
  • Break for lunch and rest.
  • Continuation of pottery work in the afternoon.
  • Free time in the evening for guests to explore the surroundings or relax.

Day 3: Advanced Techniques

  • Morning session focused on more advanced pottery techniques.
  • Afternoon session continues with personal projects.
  • Evening free for relaxation or activities at the retreat.

Day 4: Personal Projects

  • Participants work on personal projects with guidance, applying learned skills to create individual pieces.
  • Evening free for personal time or group activities.

Day 5: Local Excursion

  • A day trip to nearby attractions for cultural immersion and relaxation.
  • No pottery work scheduled.

Day 6: Finishing Techniques

  • Applying finishing touches to creations, such as glazing or painting.
  • Preparing pieces for firing.
  • Evening free for relaxation or community activities at the retreat.

Day 7: Reflection and Showcasing

  • Unveiling of finished pottery pieces.
  • Discussion on the experiences and learnings of the retreat.
  • Preparation for departure.

Day 8: Departure

  • Check-out and farewell.
  • Participants leave with their finished pottery pieces.

This schedule provides a balance between creative work and leisure, ensuring participants have a fulfilling and rejuvenating experience.



A seasoned studio potter with a decade of professional experience

7 days, 6 nights
$950 / person
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