Rishikesh, India
5 days, 4 nights
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Swara Sadhana

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About the experience

What will I experience?

At the Swara Sadhana retreat, you'll immerse yourself in the transformative power of sound through guided meditation sessions and hands-on practice with traditional instruments such as singing bowls and tuning forks. You'll engage with ancient mantras and musical instruments, enhancing your spiritual and emotional awareness. The retreat offers a unique blend of cultural education and personal development in a serene setting, allowing you to connect deeply with Indic traditions. Additionally, you'll participate in group sessions that foster community and personal connections, set in the spiritually rich environment of Rishikesh, making it a truly transformative experience.

Benefits of this experience

Participating in the Swara Sadhana retreat will enhance your resilience by immersing you in sound meditation practices that teach you how to manage stress and emotional upheaval. These meditative sessions focus on deep listening and the intentional use of sound to calm the mind, fostering a state of tranquility. Over time, this helps you develop the ability to recover from stressors more effectively, enhancing your overall mental and emotional resilience.

Incorporation in daily life

Start by dedicating a few minutes each day to practice sound meditation using simple techniques learned at the retreat. Additionally, integrate mindful listening into your routine, where you consciously listen to the sounds around you or specific music to enhance focus and presence.

About the destination

The Himalayan Academy of Sound Healing, nestled in the serene landscapes of Rishikesh, provides an ideal setting for the Swara Sadhana retreat. As you participate, you're surrounded by the majestic Himalayas and the calming flow of the Ganges, enhancing your meditative experiences through natural tranquility. The academy specializes in integrating traditional sound healing techniques with modern wellness practices, ensuring a holistic approach to health. Here, you immerse in sound meditations that realign and rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit, helping you achieve profound peace and spiritual clarity.

About the Specialist

Yogi Bhanu, the host of the Swara Sadhana retreat, is a deeply respected figure in the field of sound healing and spiritual wellness. With over a decade of immersive learning and practice, he has explored various ancient Indian arts and traditions, enriching his expertise in Nada Yoga, philosophy, and astrology. Born into a family dedicated to arts and music, his journey has taken him from traditional schooling to profound spiritual exploration across India's sacred sites. Specializing in Nada Yoga, Yogi Bhanu integrates traditional instruments and mantra practices to facilitate transformative experiences, making him a sought-after guide for those seeking a deeper connection with themselves and the world around them.


Place of experience

Rishikesh, set in the foothills of the Himalayas along the sacred Ganges River, is renowned as a center for spiritual and physical wellness. Known as the 'Yoga Capital of the World', it offers a serene environment that promotes introspection and spiritual growth. The natural beauty, tranquil ashrams, and the soothing sound of the river create a perfect backdrop for rejuvenation and are ideal for deepening practices of meditation and holistic health.

Most suitable time to visit

The most suitable time to experience the Swara Sadhana retreat in Rishikesh is from October to March, as these months offer pleasant weather conducive to outdoor activities and meditative practices.

Ancient & modern provenance

Ancient texts and treatises:

Ancient text name: Rigveda (Approx. 1500-1000 BCE)

  • Context: One of the oldest religious texts in the world, composed in ancient India, consisting of Sanskrit hymns.
  • Mention of Sound: Sound is considered a medium for spiritual discovery and understanding. Chanting of hymns is believed to promote inner peace and resilience, enhancing mental and spiritual wellbeing.

Ancient text name: Upanishads (Between 800 BCE and 500 BCE)

  • Context: Philosophical texts central to Indian mysticism and spiritual teachings, detailing the inner vision of reality resulting from devotion to Brahman.
  • Mention of Sound: Discusses the concept of "Nada Brahma" (the world is sound), suggesting that meditative focus on sound leads to a greater understanding of the universe and oneself, fostering comprehensive wellbeing.

Modern scientific researches:

Title: Acoustic Sounds for Wellbeing: A Novel Dataset and Baseline Results

  • Main Author: Alice Baird
  • Date of Publishing: 2019
  • Abstract: The study explores the impact of various acoustic sounds on wellbeing, focusing on sounds from Tibetan singing bowls and vocal chanting among others. It introduces the Acoustic Sounds for Wellbeing (ASW) dataset, compiled from diverse acoustic instrumentation aimed at addressing urban noise pollution and its impact on wellbeing.
  • Link to the paper

Full plan of experience

The following schedule provides a general outline of the duration and activities aimed at facilitating the integration of the retreat's teachings into your daily life.

At the place
Rishikesh, India
5 days, 4 nights
$600 / person

Experience schedule

Day 1: Arrival and Introduction

  • Morning: Arrival at Rishikesh, check-in, and settle into accommodations.
  • Afternoon: Welcome session with an introduction to the retreat, its facilities, and an overview of sound healing.
  • Evening: Opening ceremony with a group meditation to set intentions.

Day 2: Foundations of Sound Healing

  • Morning: Yoga session followed by an introduction to sound healing principles and practices.
  • Afternoon: Workshop on using various sound instruments like singing bowls and tuning forks.
  • Evening: Sound bath session aimed at relaxation and balancing chakras.

Day 3: Vocal Toning and Mantras

  • Morning: Guided vocal toning exercises integrated with a gentle yoga practice.
  • Afternoon: Mantra chanting workshop, learning different mantras and their specific uses and benefits.
  • Evening: Outdoor meditation and mantra chanting session by the Ganges.

Day 4: Deepening Practice and Cultural Immersion

  • Morning: Advanced techniques in sound healing, including layering sounds and creating a healing sound environment.
  • Afternoon: Visit to a local ashram to experience traditional Indian music and discuss its role in spiritual practices.
  • Evening: Group sound healing practice, integrating the learned techniques.

Day 5: Integration and Departure

  • Morning: Reflective yoga session to integrate the practices learned during the retreat.
  • Midday: Closing circle to share experiences and discuss how to incorporate sound healing into daily life.
  • Afternoon: Farewell meal, followed by departures.

Yogi Bhanu

A seasoned Nada Yoga and meditation expert

5 days, 4 nights
$600 / person
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