Leela : the secret to wellbeing

Leela means “playful joy” in Sanskrit

According to ancient & time-tested wisdom, Joy is the root of a good life; Human Wellbeing is nothing but the ability to be in Joy

But, what is Joy?

Joy is a consistent state of enthusiasm towards life. Irrespective of life’s ups & downs, a person of joy approaches every day of life with enthusiasm & and an intense desire to engage in life. And unlike happiness & many other emotions that we are prone to, Joy is not transient. It is a consistent, underlying state that we have, irrespective of whatever is happening in our life

Being in Joy helps us recover much faster from difficulties; makes us more resilient. Being in Joy also makes us savour the good that happens daily in our life

Most people think that good health brings Joy. They have got it backwards. Being in Joy is the best way to achieve good health. A consistent state of Joy prevents illnesses. Equally, a person in Joy recovers from illnesses faster than a person who is not in Joy

Joy is also the true source of all beauty. If you look closely you will realise that the inner radiance that a few people seem to have at all times is an outcome of the Joy that they are in. We can spend all day going on long runs,  doing impossible yogic bends, lifting weights or obsessing about diet. But radiant beauty will be elusive till such time as we discover how to be in Joy

Ancient Indic wellbeing knowledge tells us that cultivating this state of Joy - this consistent enthusiasm to life - is the surest way to living a fulfilling life