Stories, Insights and Thoughts on Indic wellbeing

Building Our Wellbeing Capacities: The Path to Joyful Living

In our journey through life, we often focus on solving problems and chasing opportunities. However, an essential aspect that frequently gets overlooked is the concept of building our wellbeing capacities.

Exploring Wellbeing Capacities for a Fulfilling Life

In the pursuit of a balanced and enriching life, understanding and developing various wellbeing capacities is crucial. These capacities, spanning across emotional, intellectual, social, physical, and spiritual domains, collectively contribute to our overall sense of wellbeing. Let's delve into them to understand their significance and impact on our lives.

Leela : the secret to wellbeing

Leela means “playful joy” in Sanskrit. According to ancient & time-tested wisdom, Joy is the root of a good life; Human Wellbeing is nothing but the ability to be in Joy

How do I find Wellbeing?

The path of Wellbeing is not just healthcare; nor is it correcting imbalances through "wellness". Ancient Indian wisdom says that the path of Wellbeing is something completely different.

What is the right diet for me?

Confused about the right foods for your wellbeing? Unfortunately, you are asking the wrong question

Is Yoga only physical postures or something more?

Confused about what Yoga actually is? The word Yoga has many different connotations in the ancient Indian tradition. To understand what Yoga truly means, here is a quick primer on how the phrase (& the underlying ideas) evolved over time

What is Spirituality?

Lots of people these days claim that they are spiritual (and often embellish it by saying that they are not religious). In my experience, many such people are a bit confused about what they mean by Spirituality and often conflate it with ideas of mindfulness, awareness, "living in the present" etc.

Work from home or Work on land?

In a sudden & extraordinary twist over just the last 50 to 100 years, human beings went from living life mostly outdoors (across the 150,000 years since the evolution of modern homo sapien) to living life mostly indoors. Unfortunately, this retreat into the indoors has had profound negative consequences for human wellbeing