Leela Life is on a mission to help people across the world have a peaceful and joyful life

Leela Life harnesses timeless Indian knowledge, practices & products to help you closely align your life to who you truly are, making living an experience of effortless and playful joy

With Leela Life by your side, you will not only find it much easier to navigate the myriad problems that life throws at you, but in fact, you will find that the number & intensity of your problems significantly reduce. Leaving you with abundant energy and enthusiasm to effectively pursue many more dreams

Leela Life does this by helping you understand your innate nature and gradually reorienting your daily life to closely align it with who you truly are. As the day-to-day journey of your life starts to become a truer reflection of your essential qualities & your deepest interests, you will notice that many of your conflicts begin to disappear and everything starts to get easier

Whether it is bringing art (back) into your life or making you savour the tactile beauty of living soil, whether it is enhancing your physical discipline through ancient martial arts or modifying your worldview by exposing you to the spiritual concepts of ‘detachment’, Leela Life is the enlightened & empathetic friend you always wished you had.


To make Indic wellbeing knowledge the transformative difference in global health

Leela Life strives to achieve this vision by enhancing human capacity through personalised & holistic life routines  that incorporate various products, practices & insights arising from Indic knowledge


Leela Life website is a global online marketplace of products, practice workshops and insight sessions arising from Indic knowledge

Leela Life clients build their personalized holistic wellbeing program across all aspects (physical, mental, emotional & social) and are delivered as a seamless lifestyle transformation journey

Leela Life offers wellbeing Products, Practices & Insights across this framework






Eat Right
Think Calm

Raja Yoga & Breathwork


Long View








Rejoice in Art
Live on Land

The Sun

Living Soil


Natural Products

Natural Supplements

Personal Care

Yoga Asana & Fitness





Hari Nair, founder, is an Indic well-being thinker, and a compelling communicator. Over the last decade, he has consciously focused on issues that affect contemporary well-being. He has done deep research on wide-ranging aspects of Indic civilisation that have a bearing on modern well-being. In addition, he has also been a successful entrepreneur & management consultant. In his previous avatar, Hari was the host of the video series ‘Conversations With Hari’ where he had fascinating conversations with celebrities on Travel & the Journey of Life.

Nishant Pradhan, cofounder, is an accomplished product and technology leader with deep expertise in marketplaces and a strong instinct for user experience. He has 10+ years of product management and leadership experience in e-commerce, on-demand mobility, online payments & media. He is quite passionate about Bhagavad Gita and Yoga.

Heather, cofounder, a seasoned marketing professional with 18+ years in growth strategy, market research and product marketing. She has an impressive track record in guiding startups and Fortune 500 companies like Visa, Unilever, eBay, UnitedHealthcare and P&G. Her core competencies include strategic vision, global operations and P&L oversight. Heather is passionate about holistic wellbeing and imbues insights from ancient and Indic wisdoms into the way she leads high-performing teams.


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