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Discover the Superpower of Indic Wellbeing Knowledge

Indic Wellbeing Knowledge, developed over 5000 years ago in ancient India, is the most timeless & continuously practiced body of knowledge relating to wellbeing that human beings have ever created. While certain components of Indic Wellbeing Knowledge such as Yoga, Meditation and Ayurveda are relatively well known across the world, many of other powerful aspects remain hidden to us.

Hari Nair.
Founder & Chairman, Leela Life

A highly successful entrepreneur & management consultant, Hari has been - from childhood - deeply inculcated in the art and science of Indic living. Recognising the extraordinary benefit that this has provided him throughout life, Hari spent the last decade researching and building a unique approach to applying the great wisdom of Indic Wellbeing Knowledge to contemporary living.

Embark on a Journey of Holistic Wellbeing

Go on a learning journey with Hari who has spent a lifetime practicing this knowledge & carefully adapting this timeless wisdom into a contemporary context. Here are some of the classes that he currently offers:

Introduction to Indic Wellbeing
2 hours ∙ 1 hour each week

Understand the rich heritage of Indic wellbeing and learn the foundational concepts of joyful living

Deepen your Awareness of Indic Holistic Wellbeing
2 hours ∙ 1 hour each week

Understand Indic Wellbeing Framework and gain insights to make the knowledge accessible

Build your own path to Holistic Wellbeing
4 hours ∙ 1 hour each week

Learn methodologies and techniques to understand your innate nature, figure out the misalignment,  and identify the right combination of wellbeing offerings

In addition, Hari conducts occasional classes on various specialised subjects relating to Indic Wellbeing, such as:

  • What is yoga: the long journey from the great Upanishads to modern Yoga studios
  • What is spirituality: going beyond religion
  • Fresh & Seasonal: explore an approach to food for the modern professional

Hari Nair

Founder & Chairman, Leela Life

Online Classes
60 mins each • Small Closed Group
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