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About the product

Isabgol, also known as Psyllium husk, is a highly valued herb in traditional wellness practices, renowned for its natural fiber content. This herb is primarily known for its ability to support digestive health.

One of the key benefits of Isabgol is its role in promoting a smooth digestive process. The high fiber content in Isabgol aids in facilitating regularity and is often used in dietary routines to support digestive balance. This aspect of Isabgol is particularly appreciated for its gentle yet effective nature in maintaining digestive health.

In addition to its physical benefits, Isabgol is also noted for its potential to support a balanced state of mind. Its role in maintaining digestive health indirectly contributes to overall emotional and mental wellbeing, as a balanced digestive system is closely linked to a balanced state of mind.

Furthermore, Isabgol is recognized for its soothing properties. Its gentle action on the digestive system makes it a preferred choice for maintaining digestive comfort, contributing to a sense of physical wellbeing and comfort.

Context of use

For Wellbeing Capacity

Isabgol, also known as psyllium husk, is a fiber-rich seed used extensively for its ability to support digestive health. It acts as a gentle laxative, aiding in bowel regularity and promoting a healthy gut flora. Its capacity to absorb water enhances stool bulk, facilitating smooth passage without irritating the digestive tract. Isabgol's role in maintaining cholesterol levels contributes to overall cardiovascular health, making it a valuable component for wellbeing.

Type of Person

Isabgol is particularly suitable for individuals with tendencies toward irregular digestive patterns or those seeking to maintain a balanced digestive system. It is beneficial for those looking for a natural way to support digestive health, thereby contributing to overall wellbeing. However, individuals with a tendency towards excessive dryness or those who already have a highly regular digestive system might need to moderate their intake, as its high fiber content could potentially be overwhelming for such constitutions.

Type of Location and Season

Isabgol is versatile and can be beneficial in various climates and seasons. However, it is particularly useful in environments where dietary habits might lead to irregular digestive patterns. In extremely dry climates, its use should be balanced with adequate hydration to support its fiber content. Conversely, in very humid environments, its moisture-absorbing properties can be beneficial, making it suitable for diverse environmental conditions.

Time of Day

The best time to consume Isabgol is usually in the evening or at night. Its properties that aid in promoting digestive regularity are most beneficial when taken at this time, contributing to a smooth digestive process overnight. Morning consumption is less common, as it might interfere with the day's activities, making evening or nighttime usage more appropriate to harness its benefits for digestive health.

Tips to use

Psyllum Husk (Whole): Simply stir one tablespoon of the husk into a glass of water, juice, or milk and drink immediately. For a fiber boost in baking, add a teaspoon to your dough or batter. Ensure to increase your water intake as psyllium absorbs liquids. For optimal results, consume it daily, preferably in the morning, to maintain digestive health and promote regularity.

Psyllum Husk powder: Begin by using Psyllium Husk powder as a daily fiber supplement by stirring one teaspoon into at least 8 ounces of water, juice, or your preferred beverage. Drink immediately before the mixture thickens. For culinary uses, integrate it into your baking recipes such as bread, pancakes, and muffins to enhance fiber content without altering the flavor. Start with small quantities, about a teaspoon for every cup of flour, as it highly absorbs moisture.

Ancient & scientific relevance

Ancient texts and treatises:

  • Ancient text name: Charaka Samhita (Approx. 100 BCE - 200 CE)
  • Context: A foundational text in Ayurvedic medicine.
  • Mention of Isabgol: Recognized for its laxative properties and usefulness in treating digestive issues such as chronic constipation.

  • Ancient text name: Sushruta Samhita (Approx. 6th Century BCE)
  • Context: An ancient text focusing on Ayurvedic surgery and medicinal plants.
  • Mention of Isabgol: Highlighted for its benefits in digestive health and as a natural remedy for gastrointestinal discomfort.

  • Ancient text name: Ashtanga Hridayam (Approx. 7th Century CE)
  • Context: A comprehensive guide to Ayurvedic knowledge, covering medicine and health.
  • Mention of Isabgol: Detailed for its role in promoting bowel regularity and easing symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

Modern Scientific Researches:

Title: Isabgol husk: a herbal remedy for human health

  • Main author: V. Sharma
  • Date of publishing: 2009
  • Abstract: Emphasizes the positive effects of Isabgol husk on health, including its use in constipation, colorectal cancer, ulcerative colitis, hemorrhoids, diabetes, and hypercholesterolemia.
  • Link to the paper


  • Main author: D. Sahu
  • Date of publishing: 2016
  • Abstract: Discusses Isabgol cultivation techniques, emphasizing its uses in habitual constipation, IBS, chronic diarrhea, asthma, and kidney troubles.
  • Link to the paper

Title: Impact of bio-fertilizers and different levels of cadmium on the growth, biochemical contents and lipid peroxidation of Plantago ovata Forsk

  • Main author: Irfana Haneef
  • Date of publishing: 2014
  • Abstract: Investigates the role of biofertilizers in alleviating cadmium stress in Isabgol, a plant used for its laxative compounds.
  • Link to the paper

Title: Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of Plantago ovata Forssk. leaves and seeds against periodontal pathogens: An in vitro study

  • Main author: P. Reddy
  • Date of publishing: 2018
  • Abstract: Evaluates the antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of Isabgol leaves and seeds against periodontal pathogens, suggesting its effectiveness in periodontal disease.
  • Link to the paper

Title: Pharmaceutical benefits of Plantago ovate (Isabgol seed): a review

  • Main author: G. Deokar
  • Date of publishing: 2016
  • Abstract: Reviews the use of Isabgol as an excipient in novel drug delivery systems and its functional benefits in dietary prevention of various diseases and disorders.
  • Link to the paper

Curation methodology

Our team of Indic experts have meticulously evaluated products available in your area and identified the most authentic ones through a rigorous assessment of trust markers

  • Quality-Driven Sourcing: We select Isabgol from reputable sources, focusing on high-quality and effective fiber content.
  • Purity and Authenticity Emphasis: Our Isabgol range is curated to maintain its natural, unadulterated form, ensuring maximum health benefits.
  • Certification and Quality Standards: We prioritize Isabgol products with organic and non-GMO certifications, reflecting our commitment to purity and responsible sourcing.
  • Diverse Product Forms for Versatility: Our collection includes Isabgol in various forms, like powders and capsules, catering to customer preferences and convenience.
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