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Laung (Clove), a small yet powerful spice, is deeply ingrained in traditional wellness practices for its multitude of benefits. It is particularly noted for its positive effects on digestive health. Clove aids in stimulating digestion, enhancing the body's ability to process and absorb nutrients effectively.

Beyond its digestive properties, clove is known for its ability to support oral health. Its freshening and cleansing qualities are believed to maintain oral hygiene, contributing to overall dental wellbeing.

In the realm of mental wellbeing, clove is recognized for its uplifting and invigorating properties. It is often used to enhance mood and increase alertness, making it a valuable spice in routines focused on mental clarity and emotional balance.

Additionally, clove's warming properties make it a popular choice in colder seasons or climates. It is believed to provide internal warmth and comfort, especially during times when the body needs extra support to maintain balance in cooler temperatures.

Incorporated into various forms, from culinary uses to medicinal preparations, clove's wide range of benefits highlights its importance in traditional health systems. Its distinctive flavor and potent properties make it a valuable addition to daily wellness practices, contributing significantly to holistic health and wellbeing.

Context of use

For Wellbeing Capacity

Clove is a powerhouse for enhancing mental clarity and invigorating the senses, making it an exceptional ally in building cognitive resilience and focus. Its stimulating properties not only warm the body but also awaken the mind, promoting sharpness and concentration. Integrating Clove into daily practices can uplift the spirit, reduce mental fatigue, and inspire a zest for life. This spice fosters an environment conducive to deep thinking and creativity, offering a natural boost to those seeking to elevate their intellectual and emotional well-being.

Type of Person

Clove is particularly beneficial for individuals with a tendency towards slow digestion or those seeking mental invigoration. Its stimulating properties make it ideal for enhancing digestive efficiency and mental alertness. However, individuals with a sensitivity to strong, pungent flavors or those prone to overheating should use clove cautiously, as its potent nature could intensify these characteristics.

Type of Location and Season

Clove is most suited for colder seasons or cooler climates, where its warming properties are beneficial. In these environments, it offers comfort and helps in balancing the body's internal temperature. On the contrary, in hot or humid conditions, clove's warming effect might be excessive, leading to discomfort, and thus its use should be moderated.

Time of Day

The optimal time to use clove is in the morning or before meals. When taken in the morning, it can stimulate digestion and invigorate the mind, setting a positive tone for the day. Before meals, its digestive properties prepare the stomach for food, enhancing overall digestion and nutrient absorption, making it a beneficial addition to morning routines or pre-meal preparations.

Tips to use

Cloves (Whole): Lightly toast the cloves in a dry pan over medium heat until they become fragrant, then incorporate them into your recipes. They are perfect for studding hams, spicing up hot beverages like tea or mulled wine, and enhancing the flavor of stocks and broths. For a subtler influence, add a few cloves to rice or grains during cooking. Always use sparingly as their intense flavor can easily dominate. Remove cloves before serving for a more pleasant eating experience.

Ground Cloves: Begin by using ground cloves sparingly due to their potent flavor. A pinch can be added to your morning tea or coffee for a warming spice kick. Incorporate it into your baking recipes like spice cakes or gingerbread for a deep, aromatic flavor. For savory dishes, sprinkle a small amount into marinades, stews, or roasted vegetables to enhance their taste. Experiment by adding ground cloves to smoothies or oatmeal for an unexpected spice note that boosts both flavor and nutritional value. Store in a cool, dry place to maintain its pungency.

Ancient & scientific relevance

Ancient texts and treatises:

  • Ancient text name: Charaka Samhita (circa 300 BCE to 200 CE)
  • Context: A foundational text of Ayurveda, focusing on principles and practices of ancient Indian medicine.
  • Mention of Clove: Clove is mentioned for its benefits in oral health and its effectiveness in managing toothaches, along with its general soothing properties for the throat and voice.

  • Ancient text name: Sushruta Samhita (circa 600 BCE)
  • Context: An important ancient Sanskrit text on medicine and surgery, key to Ayurvedic knowledge.
  • Mention of Clove: Recognized for its antiseptic properties, clove is described as beneficial in preventing and treating infections.

  • Ancient text name: Ashtanga Hridayam (circa 7th century CE)
  • Context: A comprehensive summary of Ayurvedic teachings, synthesizing information from earlier texts.
  • Mention of Clove: Noted for its warming properties and its effectiveness in aiding digestion and relieving flatulence.

  • Ancient text name: Bhavaprakash Samhita (16th century CE)
  • Context: A later classical text on Ayurveda, providing detailed insights beyond earlier works.
  • Mention of Clove: Clove is highlighted for its use in enhancing respiratory health and for its beneficial effects on the immune system.

Modern Scientific Researches:


  • Main author: R. Rani
  • Date of publishing: 2021
  • Abstract: This review highlights clove's antimicrobial, larvicidal, anti-viral, anaesthetic, insecticidal, anti-oxidative, and free radical scavenging activities. It particularly discusses the antibreast cancer activity of clove.
  • Link to the paper

Title: Molecular Basis of the Therapeutical Potential of Clove (Syzygium aromaticum L.) and Clues to Its Anti-COVID-19 Utility

  • Main author: C. Vicidomini
  • Date of publishing: 2021
  • Abstract: This paper discusses clove's potential role in anti-COVID-19 therapy, focusing on its antiviral, anti-inflammatory, and antithrombotic effects.
  • Link to the paper

Title: Culinary Spices in Food and Medicine: An Overview of Syzygium aromaticum (L.) Merr. and L. M. Perry [Myrtaceae]

  • Main author: G. Otunola
  • Date of publishing: 2022
  • Abstract: This paper presents the nutritional and phytochemical contents, selected biological activities, and some functional foods and beverages of clove and their uses for human health.
  • Link to the paper


  • Main author: S. Ara
  • Date of publishing: 2022
  • Abstract: This article reviews clove's potential benefits as described in Unani medicine, analyzing contemporary scientific researches to explore its application prospects.
  • Link to the paper

Curation methodology

Our team of Indic experts have meticulously evaluated products available in your area and identified the most authentic ones through a rigorous assessment of trust markers

  • Brand Reputation and Quality Assurance: The choice for clove products is based on the brand's reputation for purity and quality assurance. The selection prioritizes brands that are known for high-quality production standards, ensuring that the cloves are unadulterated and of superior quality.
  • Organic and Non-GMO Standards: Preference is given to products that are certified organic and non-GMO. This ensures that the cloves are grown without synthetic pesticides or genetically modified organisms, aligning with natural and holistic product standards.
  • Form of Clove (Whole vs. Ground): The form of the clove product, whether whole or ground, is a significant consideration. Whole cloves are often preferred for their completeness and potential effectiveness, as they retain more of the clove's natural oils and compounds compared to ground forms.
  • Third-Party Testing and Certification: Products that have undergone third-party testing and certification are prioritized. This independent verification adds an extra layer of credibility and trust, ensuring the product's purity and potency.
  • Brand Trust and Personal Experience: Personal experience with the brand, either through direct use or known reputation, plays a role in product selection. Brands that have established trust through consistent quality and effectiveness are given preference.
  • Method of Processing (e.g., Cold-Pressed): The method used to process cloves, such as cold-pressing, is considered. Methods that preserve the natural integrity and medicinal properties of cloves are preferred.
  • Compliance with Dietary Needs: Products that cater to specific dietary needs, such as being vegan or gluten-free, are considered. This ensures a wider appeal and suitability for different consumer preferences and dietary restrictions.
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