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About the product

Tamra (Copper) Water Bottles, esteemed in ancient wellness traditions, harness the therapeutic properties of copper, a metal recognized for its significant health benefits. Storing water in a copper vessel allows the water to absorb small quantities of copper, which is vital for bodily functions and enhances overall wellbeing. This practice, rooted in ancient wisdom, is believed to naturally purify the water, lending it antimicrobial and antioxidant properties, thereby contributing to improved immune function.

The water charged with copper ions can help stimulate the digestive system, aiding in the absorption of minerals and the elimination of toxins. Additionally, it is said to have a balancing effect on the body’s pH levels, supporting overall health. Drinking water from a copper vessel is also associated with supporting the body’s natural healing processes, enhancing skin health, and promoting vitality.

Copper’s anti-inflammatory properties are believed to offer support to the body’s ability to heal, making copper-infused water a simple yet effective means to incorporate into daily wellness routines. The practice of using Copper Water Bottles aligns with the holistic approach to health care, emphasizing the prevention of imbalance and nurturing of the body through natural elements.

Embracing the use of a Copper Water Bottle is more than a lifestyle choice; it's a nod to ancient traditions that advocate for living in harmony with nature’s resources to enhance wellbeing.

Context of use

For Wellbeing Capacity

Storing water in a Copper Water Bottle introduces trace amounts of copper to the water, known for its antibacterial properties and its role in enhancing the body's metabolic processes. Copper charged water supports the digestive system, aids in weight management, and promotes detoxification. Regular consumption from a copper vessel can lead to an improvement in joint health, skin vitality, and overall immune function, making it a valuable tool for maintaining holistic wellbeing.

Type of Person

A Copper Water Bottle is particularly beneficial for individuals with a robust physical constitution and a dynamic, energetic temperament. These people often exhibit high levels of physical and mental activity. Conversely, individuals who are naturally slow-moving, calm, and have a cooler body constitution might find the energetic properties of copper too stimulating. Such individuals should consider moderating their use or opt for alternatives that align better with their innate characteristics.

Type of Location and Season

Ideally, the use of a Copper Water Bottle aligns well with warm, dry climates and is particularly beneficial during cooler seasons. The properties of copper can help in balancing the bodily constitution in such environments and seasons. However, in extremely hot or humid conditions, where the body’s internal heat is already elevated, the use of copper might not be as suitable, as it could potentially amplify these conditions.

Time of Day

The optimal time to consume water from a Copper Water Bottle is in the morning, on an empty stomach. This practice is believed to help in flushing out toxins and preparing the body for the day ahead. It's also beneficial to use it throughout the day, ensuring a regular intake of copper-infused water. However, it is advisable to avoid its use late at night, as the energizing properties of copper might interfere with the natural winding down of the body’s rhythms.

How to use it?

Ancient & scientific relevance

Ancient texts and treatises:

  • Ancient text name: Charaka Samhita (approx. 2nd century BCE)
  • Context: A foundational text in Ayurveda, covering extensive medical knowledge and practices.
  • Mention of Copper for Water Storage: Discusses the health benefits of storing water in copper vessels, including its antimicrobial properties and the positive effects on digestive health.

  • Ancient text name: Sushruta Samhita (approx. 3rd century CE)
  • Context: An important text in Ayurvedic medicine, known for its surgical methods and herbal treatments.
  • Mention of Copper for Water Storage: Highlights the use of copper in purifying water and its role in balancing the three doshas (Vata, Pitta, Kapha), especially Pitta due to its cooling effects.

  • Ancient text name: Ashtanga Hridayam (approx. 7th century CE)
  • Context: A comprehensive guide to Ayurvedic theory and practice.
  • Mention of Copper for Water Storage: Recognizes the use of copper vessels for storing water to imbibe it with health-promoting qualities, beneficial for overall wellbeing.

  • Ancient text name: Various Ayurvedic Pharmacopeias and Formularies
  • Context: Compilations of Ayurvedic knowledge and practices, including the use of metals in treatment.
  • Mention of Copper for Water Storage: These texts may include references to the benefits of copper-infused water for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

Modern Scientific Researches:

Title: Physico-Chemical and Optical Examination of Water Stored in Copper Vessels

  • Date of Publishing: 2019
  • Main author: Not mentioned explicitly
  • Abstract: This study investigated the effect of storing different drinking waters in a copper vessel for two weeks, examining changes in pH, Total Dissolved Solids (TDS), UV-Vis, and Raman spectroscopy. It found that water stored in copper vessels reduces TDS levels and maintains pH at 8.0, suggesting that copper vessels can influence water quality beneficially.
  • Link to the paper

Title: Storing Drinking-water in Copper pots Kills Contaminating Diarrhoeagenic Bacteria

  • Main author: V.B. Preethi Sudha
  • Date of Publishing: 2012
  • Abstract: The study demonstrated that storing microbially contaminated drinking water in copper pots for 16 hours at room temperature effectively kills important diarrhoeagenic bacteria, such as Vibrio cholerae and Escherichia coli, without altering the water's physicochemical parameters significantly. This supports the use of copper pots for microbial purification of drinking water, especially in developing countries.
  • Link to the paper

Curation methodology

Our team of Indic experts have meticulously evaluated products available in your area and identified the most authentic ones through a rigorous assessment of trust markers

  • Brand Guarantee and Quality Assurance: Products from brands that offer guarantees, such as a one-year rust-free guarantee, were preferred, indicating confidence in the product's quality and durability.
  • Health and Wellness Focus: Copper water bottles known for their health benefits, aligning with traditional beliefs about copper's positive effects on water, were prioritized to cater to health-conscious consumers.
  • Design and Aesthetics: Products that combine functionality with attractive design were selected, considering the appeal of the water bottle not just as a utility item but also as a lifestyle accessory.
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