How do I find Wellbeing?

Most people misunderstand Wellbeing

The path of Wellbeing is not just healthcare; nor is it correcting imbalances through "wellness"
Ancient Indian wisdom says that the path of Wellbeing is something completely different

Most of us go though life mostly doing 2 broad types of activity. Unfortunately this means that we don't focus on the 3rd type of activity which is actually the most important

The first type of activity that we focus a lot on is Solving Problems. From small stuff like a leaking tap at home to big ones like trying to repair a relationship, we are constantly solving problems. This usually takes up most of the time of our lives

All the remaining time goes in the second activity, which is Chasing Opportunities. From buying a new car to chasing a new job or finding new romance, we are also quite focused on chasing growth opportunities

In all this 'noise', we forget to focus on the third & the most important activity.

Which is Building our Capacities.

If we focus constantly on building our capacities, such as our capacity for kindness, capacity for gratitude, capacity for immunity, capacity for curiosity etc, we will find that the other two activities become simple. Armed with these powerful capacities, we will find that we are increasingly able to solve our problems and chase our opportunities quite effortlessly; in fact, almost joyfully

This building of human capacities is critical to our path of Wellbeing; as the ancient Indian sages observed, it is the path to "Leela" or playful joy