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Ranjayati iti Ragah

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About the course

What will I learn

Dhanashree's unique offering lies in unravelling Indian classical music, with a particular focus on enlightening participants about the captivating concept of Raga. Through her course, she provides insightful knowledge on how Ragas are intricately connected to seasons, moods, and specific times of the day. Participants will develop a deep understanding of how Ragas evoke specific moods, transport the mind to different seasons and times of the day, and touch the hearts of both the musicians and the audience.

Benefits of this course

Through a holistic exploration of Indian classical music, participants will cultivate empathy by connecting with the emotional expressions embedded in Ragas. They will learn to appreciate the nuances of different Ragas and comprehend the impact of music on human emotions and experiences. This journey of musical discovery will foster a greater understanding, empathy, and sensitivity towards the expressions of emotions in music and in life. By exploring the connection between Ragas, seasons, moods, and times of day, participants will deepen their understanding of the emotional power of music.

Incorporating in my life

The practitioner can include the practice of listening to a specific set of music in their regular life as suggested by the specialist.

About the specialist

Dhanashree Pandit, a highly accomplished artist, is a leading exponent of the Thumri form of music. Her extensive musical training includes guidance from renowned musicians such as Pandit Firoz Dastur, a stalwart of the Kirana Gharana, and the legendary Thumri artist, Shobha Gurtu. She also received mentorship from Begum Afroz Bano, further enriching her musical expertise. Her talent has taken her on international tours, where she has showcased her artistry through concerts and lecture demonstrations and imparted Indian vocal techniques to eminent jazz musicians from around the world.

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Ancient & scientific relevance

Ancient texts that refer to this

The Natya Shastra, attributed to sage Bharata Muni, is a Sanskrit treatise on the performing arts, dating back to a compilation between 200 BCE and 200 CE, providing comprehensive insights into the field.

Raga, as per Natya Shastra, impacts well-being by facilitating emotional expression, enhancing mood, and stimulating the mind.

Modern research & publications

Research paper: Effect of Indian Classical Music Therapy on Depression, Anxiety and Stress Levels in Patients with Depression Measured by DASS-21: A Pilot Study

Journal: International Journal of Physiology

Author(s): Sunitha.G., Sharanabasappa Algoodkar, Smitha.P.S.

Abstract: Indian classical music therapy has been found to enhance mood and emotional state and showing improvement in levels of depression, anxiety and stress in humans. Its ability to induce relaxation, enhance mood, promote mindfulness, and improve concentration contributes to its potential therapeutic benefits

Introductory session

30-45 mins LIVE 1:1 online introductory session with Dhanashree Pandit Rai.

The session will be facilitated by the Leela Life Concierge Desk.

Plan for the intro session

Discover the mythological origin of Indian Music with mythological stories in shaping the cultural and spiritual aspects of Raga

Enjoy a quick vocal exercise listening to the Tanpura drone and sing the first note "sa/do" to assess ability to find the correct pitch

Understand how to cultivate empathy by connecting with emotional expressions embedded in Ragas

Engage in an interactive Q&A session ask questions, gain deeper insights, and clarify doubts about the course

Plan for overall course

The specialist will be tailoring the course for you and the exact number of sessions will depend on multiple factors such as need, inclination, interest, absorption and more.

The plan below should give you a rough indication of how many sessions will it take for you to inculcate the learnings from this course in to your regular life by yourself.

Live 1:1 online course
3 sessions
Duration of each session
45 mins
Course price

Session 1

Indian Music Origins
  • Learn about the early origins of musical notes in Indian mythology and history, and compare them to Western music
  • Understand what makes Indian music unique and how it differs from Western music
  • Explore ornamentations used in Indian music
  • Discover the meaning of "Classical" in Indian classical music
  • Explore key components like alap, taan, nom tom, sargam, etc

Session 2

Understanding Raga
  • Dive into the concept of Raga in Indian music. Explore its features, note combinations, and key phrases
  • Discover examples of ragas in Western classical music, jazz, and pop songs to connect with the concept
  • Explore the connection between ragas and different times of the day and seasons
  • Understand how ragas align with our body rhythms and express specific times and seasons

Session 3

Magical Moments in Music & Brief Introduction to Rhythms and Textual Content
  • Explore the various rasas (moods) in Indian music and arts. Learn which rasas are used in Indian music and their emotional expressions
  • Discover the transformative moments in music that evoke a sense of joy and connection for both performers and listeners. Discuss these moments and their impact
  • Gain a basic understanding of the rhythms used in Indian music and the lyrical aspects of its textual content

Frequently asked questions

  • Do I need to know singing for the session?
  • Regardless of your singing experience, Dhanashree's course on Indian classical music and Ragas is crafted to be accessible and easy for all participants. Through insightful knowledge, you'll learn how Ragas are intricately connected to seasons, moods, and times of the day, evoking specific emotions effortlessly.
  • Is this course for me?
  • This course is for anyone with a like for music and a desire to cultivate empathy and emotional understanding. Whether you have prior knowledge of Indian classical music or not, this holistic exploration of Ragas will take you on a journey of musical discovery. By appreciating the nuances of different Ragas and their connection to seasons, moods, and times of day, you'll gain a profound understanding of the emotional power of music.
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Conducted by

Dhanashree Pandit Rai

Hindustani Classical Music vocalist

Course price
3 sessions • Weekly
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