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Arogya Rasayana

For immunity rejuvenation

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About the course

What will I learn

Dr Irfan's course is designed to get insights into Ayurveda's holistic approach to health and understand the vital connection between body, mind, and immune system. Participants will learn how to identify signs of imbalances and weakened immunity. They'll also discover the power of Ayurvedic herbs, rasayanas and delve into a comprehensive range of therapeutic herbs, understanding their unique properties and benefits for boosting immunity. By the end of the course, participants will have the knowledge to establish a robust immune foundation.

Benefits of this course

This course empowers individuals to optimize their health and vitality, enabling them to navigate daily challenges with a stronger immune system. The practices and herbal recommendations shared in the course can be easily integrated into daily routines, leading to long-term benefits such as improved energy levels and reduced susceptibility to illnesses.

Incorporating in my life

The practitioner can make certain modifications to their diet as suggested by the specialist.

About the specialist

Vaidya Irfan Poilan is a fifth-generation Ayurvedic doctor with a keen interest in herbalism and holistic medicine. He focuses on modifying the practitioner's lifestyle with therapeutic foods and herbs to aid in resilience and immunity building. Irfan has completed his master's degree in Medicine, specializing in Pharmacognosy, and has presented papers at international and national seminars. He has conducted over 1,000 training sessions both online and offline and has created many training programs for self-care and health management, aesthetic science in Ayurveda, and short-term therapy and herbalism workshops. He believes in the importance of art, spirituality, and science in life.

Online from

Ancient & scientific relevance

Ancient texts that refer to this

The Charaka Samhita compiled by the sage Charaka, is a Sanskrit text on Ayurveda (Indian traditional medicine). It is one of the two foundational texts of this field that have survived from ancient India

Rasayana, according to the Charaka Samhita, promotes nourishment, strengthens the body and mind, delays aging, and increases lifespan. It enhances physical strength, vitality, and immunity.

Modern research & publications

Research paper: Ayurvedic Herbal Therapies: A Review of Treatment and Management of Dementia

Author(s): Vinod Srivastava, Deepali Mathur, Soumyashree Rout, Bikash Kumar Mishra

Abstract: "Ayurvedic Rasayana herbs are believed to strengthen brain cells, enhance memory, and decrease stress. These herbs have rejuvenating properties and are used in Ayurveda to promote overall well-being.

Introductory session

30-45 mins LIVE 1:1 online introductory session with Dr. Irfan Poilan.

The session will be facilitated by the Leela Life Concierge Desk.

Plan for the intro session

Explore the roots of Ayurveda while understanding the importance of Prakriti within the Ayurvedic system

Learn from the specialist about how seasonal changes affect wellbeing and the cultural practices that prioritize seasonal health

Explore your body's wisdom in guiding dietary choices through cravings and preferences, revealing valuable insights into specific deficiencies or imbalances

Engage in an interactive Q&A session ask questions, gain deeper insights, and clarify doubts about the course

Plan for overall course

The specialist will be tailoring the course for you and the exact number of sessions will depend on multiple factors such as need, inclination, interest, absorption and more.

The plan below should give you a rough indication of how many sessions will it take for you to inculcate the learnings from this course in to your regular life by yourself.

Live 1:1 online course
3 sessions
Duration of each session
60 mins
Course price

Session 1

Defense Mechanisms of the Body
  • Discuss the fundamental defense mechanisms employed by the human body to ensure survival
  • Explore the concept of the immune system, its functionality, and its various types
  • Examine the physical, chemical, and biological immune responses carried out by the body
  • Learn how to assess personal health and the health of loved ones

Session 2

Factors Affecting the Immune System
  • Discuss the role of diet, the microbiome, the influence of sugar, and the significance of meal timing and quantity on gut health
  • Explore the effects of sleep, both in terms of duration and quality, on immune function
  • Understand the relationship between exercise and its impact on immune response
  • Differentiate between types of stress and examine how stress influences immune function
  • Learn techniques to assess and manage mental stress for overall well-being

Session 3

Rejuvenating Your Immune Response
  • Understanding Rejuvenation
  • Learn about the role of diet, herbs, formulations, exercise, sleep, fasting, detoxification, and maintaining a healthy circadian rhythm in achieving optimal immune function.
  • Emphasizing Gut Health

Frequently asked questions

  • Is this course for me?
  • This course is for anyone interested in healthier lifestyle by looking to rejuventate or build immunity
  • Why this session needs to be personalised?
  • Personalization is crucial because it tailors the course to individual differences in body, mind, and immunity. Participants identify their imbalances and weak immunity while learning about Ayurvedic herbs' immune-boosting benefits. This customized approach helps build a stronger foundation for their health.
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Conducted by

Dr. Irfan Poilan

Fifth generation Ayurvedic practitioner

Course price
3 sessions • Weekly
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