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About the course

What will I learn

Dr Partap's offering delves deep into the principles of Ayurvedic nutrition, focusing on food as medicine. Through this offering, clients learn about their individual body-mind constitution and how it impacts their metabolic functioning. They gain insights into making optimal food choices based on their constitution, along with understanding the importance of the right quantity, timing, and manner of food consumption. Additionally, clients explore the subtle ways in which food affects their overall health and wellness, going beyond just physical nourishment.

Benefits of this course

Understanding one's body-mind constitution and making informed food choices can lead to improved vitality, energy, and immunity. By following Ayurvedic principles, individuals can experience a peaceful mind, enhanced wellbeing, and a harmonious balance between body, mind, senses, and consciousness. Integrating these teachings into daily routines empowers individuals to take charge of their health and make conscious dietary decisions that align with their unique constitution.

Incorporating in my life

To practice Ayurvedic nutrition in a routine manner, clients need to implement the principles they have learned into their daily lives. This involves becoming mindful of their body-mind constitution and choosing foods that support their unique needs. Clients must also pay attention to the timing and quantity of their meals and understand the impact of different foods on their well-being

About the specialist

Dr. Partap Chauhan is a dedicated healer and advocate of authentic Ayurveda, on a mission to spread its healing benefits globally. His journey began in 1992, treating patients in a modest garage clinic. Determined to preserve the purity of Ayurveda, he designed the AyuniqueTM protocol based on classical Ayurvedic texts. Over 1.5 million people have experienced the efficacy of his treatments. Recognizing technology's potential, he launched the popular TV show "Jiva Health Show" and India's first Ayurvedic website, enabling millions to access Ayurvedic knowledge. His impact extended to 42 countries, meeting policymakers, researchers, and students, promoting Ayurveda as a globally recognized health science. As a visiting faculty at international universities and author of two influential books, Dr Chauhan continues to empower people with the wisdom of Ayurveda.

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Ancient & scientific relevance

Ancient texts that refer to this

Charaka Samhita (300 BCE to 200 CE): This foundational text of Ayurveda, attributed to Charaka, is a comprehensive guide on Ayurvedic medicine, including dietetics. It focuses on 'Ahara' (diet) and its impact on health, wellbeing, and disease prevention.

Contents: The Charaka Samhita elaborates on the qualities of different foods, their bodily effects, and eating habits aligned with individual constitutions (Prakriti).

Sushruta Samhita (600 BCE): Attributed to Sushruta, this text, while known for surgical techniques, also covers general medicine, diet, and nutrition.

Contents: It discusses the six tastes and their effects on the three doshas (Vata, Pitta, Kapha). The Sushruta Samhita also emphasizes dietary measures in disease treatment and maintenance of overall health and wellbeing.

Modern research & publications

Research paper:  A Comprehensive Statistical Study on Health and Lifestyle of AdultsMain

Author: Dr. Nileema Bhalerao

Date of Publishing: November 25, 2023

Abstract: This paper presents a statistical study on health and lifestyle, emphasizing the importance of Ayurveda in maintaining health. It discusses the impact of modern lifestyle changes, including diet, on health and wellbeing, and underscores the significance of Ayurvedic principles in leading a joyful and healthy life.

Introductory session

30-45 mins LIVE 1:1 online introductory session with Dr. Partap Chauhan.

The session will be facilitated by the Leela Life Concierge Desk.

Plan for intro session

Brief discussion on Ayurvedic principles, including the concept of Vata, Pitta, and Kapha (basic functional energies of the body)

Understand the uniqueness of each individual's constitution and the impact of imbalances on wellbeing

Touch upon holistic strategies to address imbalances

Engage in an interactive Q&A session ask questions, gain deeper insights, and clarify doubts about the course

Plan for overall course

The specialist will be tailoring the course for you and the exact number of sessions will depend on multiple factors such as need, inclination, interest, absorption and more.

The plan below should give you a rough indication of how many sessions will it take for you to inculcate the learnings from this course in to your regular life by yourself.

Live 1:1 online course
5 sessions
Duration of each session
45 mins
45 mins
Course price

Session 1

Ayurveda as a Science of Wellbeing
  • Introduction to basic principles of Ayurveda and their practical application for attaining health and happiness
  • Understanding body energies Vata (air and space), Pitta (fire and water) & Kapha (earth and water) and how to balance them
  • Collaborating to comprehend and ascertain your physical constitution and innate nature (prakriti), and exploring implementation of this understanding into your daily life
  • Initial guidance on your personal well-being based on Ayurvedic principles

Session 2

Daily Routine for Health and Happiness
  • Understanding the daily cycles and their impact on your wellbeing
  • Developing your personalized and effective daily routine by integrating practices that address physical, emotional, and mental well-being
  • Understand the significance of adapting food and lifestyle to seasons, time, and location, along with practical tips for staying attuned to nature
  • Integrating appropriate exercises, yoga poses, and breathing techniques for overall wellbeing

Session 3

Nutrition and Metabolism
  • Understanding the concept of Agni (digestive Fire) and its crucial role in digestion, and selecting foods according to individual digestive strength
  • Exploring  the significance of the how, when, and what, aspects of your eating habits, and delving into the discussion of food compatibility
  • Discussing the significance of cooking methods, spices, and the environment in food preparation, and providing simple and practical detox recipes

Session 4

Emotional and Mental Wellbeing
  • Get an overview of the mind and its operational qualities along with learning about sub-conscious mind, intelligence, ego and their role in mental wellbeing
  • Learn simple and practical techniques to detox the mind, handle emotions and emotional traumas along with tips to enhance your overall mental and emotional health

Session 5

Spiritual Wellbeing
  • Understand the concept of self and self-realization and recognize the importance of self-love
  • Exploring meditation techniques for fostering deep self-love and self-realization, coupled with a discussion on the transformative power of love
  • Examining how gratitude, compassion, and service contribute to spiritual well-being, and providing practical exercises for daily incorporation
  • Summing up the session by answering or clarifying any doubts

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Dr. Partap Chauhan

Pioneering Ayurvedic healer, advocate, and global ambassador for holistic wellbeing

Course price
5 sessions • 45 mins
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