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Sneha Vriddhi

For building interpersonal relationships

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About the course

What will I learn

Her offering focuses on Ayurvedic psychology, mindset, and spiritual approaches for personal development and enhancing relationships. Participants will gain deep insights into their struggles, strengths and goals. They will receive a diagnostic of their Ayurvedic type, understanding their unique traits and challenges in building relationships. She guides participants in developing skills for managing emotions, effective communication, self-expression, and understanding their relationship needs based on Dosha science. The offering incorporates Ayurvedic knowledge, personalized guidance, and self-reflection exercises to foster self-awareness, balance, clarity of personal needs, and a deeper understanding of building meaningful connections.

Benefits of this course

Participants develop a greater sense of self-awareness, which in turn allows them to make more informed choices and decisions in their personal lives. Understanding their unique traits and challenges in relationships empowers participants to enhance their emotional intelligence, improve communication skills, and express themselves authentically. This newfound insight enables individuals to navigate relationships more effectively, identify their needs, and build healthier connections.

Incorporating in my life

Participants in Shivani Sood's offering incorporate the insights gained into their daily lives through conscious application and practice. They make conscious choices to express themselves authentically, using techniques learned in the sessions to improve communication and emotional regulation.

About the specialist

Shivani Sood is an experienced Ayurveda doctor specializing in Ayurvedic psychology, mindset, and spiritual approaches for personal development and relationship challenges. With over 21 years of experience, Shivani offers a unique blend of Ayurvedic principles, psychological insights, and spiritual practices.

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Ancient & scientific relevance

Ancient texts that refer to this

The Charaka Samhita compiled by the sage Charaka, is a Sanskrit text on Ayurveda. It is one of the two foundational texts of this field that have survived from ancient India

The text highlights the significance of intimacy for overall well-being and offers guidance on maintaining a balanced lifestyle to support healthy sexual function and harmonious relationships.

No Modern research

Introductory session

30-45 mins LIVE 1:1 online introductory session with Dr. Shivani Sood.

The session will be facilitated by the Leela Life Concierge Desk.

Plan for the intro session

Discover Ayurvedic psychology and its role in personal development

Get introduced to the concept of Ayurvedic Constitution (Vata, Pitta, and Kapha)

Discuss the importance of emotional intelligence in relationships

Engage in an interactive Q&A session ask questions, gain deeper insights, and clarify doubts about the course

Plan for overall course

The specialist will be tailoring the course for you and the exact number of sessions will depend on multiple factors such as need, inclination, interest, absorption and more.

The plan below should give you a rough indication of how many sessions will it take for you to inculcate the learnings from this course in to your regular life by yourself.

Live 1:1 online course
5 sessions
Duration of each session
60 mins
Course price

Session 1

Discovering Your Ayurvedic Mental Blueprint
  • Identifying your unique Ayurvedic mental constitution (Vata, Pitta, or Kapha) Assessment of the results
  • Conveying the interpretation of your Ayurvedic mental blueprint

Session 2

Unveiling Your Relationship Genius
  • Understanding your core values and value system
  • Exploring the development of your Dosha (mind-body type) at different life stages
  • How your Dosha influences your relationship patterns
  • Discussion on Dosha-specific relationship dynamics

Session 3

Visualizing Your Emotional Needs
  • Creative visualization exercises to delve into deeper emotional needs
  • Building on the insights from Session 2
  • Identifying Dosha-related emotional challenges
  • Techniques to address emotional needs

Session 4

Mastering Self-Communication
  • Exploring the mind-body connection
  • Learning to read and interpret bodily signals
  • Mindful awareness exercises for self-communication
  • Strategies for taking the right actions based on signals
  • Practice exercises for self-awareness and self-care

Session 5

Developing your intuitive / creative skills
  • Learn how to shift focus from intelligence to developing intuition and creativity
  • Building trust in gut instincts during decision-making

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Experienced Ayurveda doctor in the field of empowering relationships

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5 sessions • Weekly
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